• This game is under the Sci-Fi genre.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
The Number 41
In a matter of centuries, humanity transitioned from masters of their planet to children of the galaxy.  While manned faster-than-light travel fulfilled some dreams, it shattered others.  We discovered that our isolation in space was a thing of the past.  With that discovery came the realization that, in order to survive, we needed to find a place in a massive galactic empire, the Oprid Ascendancy.

The Oprid have ruled the galaxy for many millennia.  Thousands of light-years away in the outer edge of the Norma Arm, the Oprid ventured into the stars at a time when humans still believed that stars controlled their destinies.  They discovered a galaxy of wonders; life more abundant and varied than imagined, species with strange technology and even stranger powers, bizarre phenomena in all directions, and terrors emerging from the lifeless void of dark space.

All this was thrust upon humanity after initial forays.  By the year 2173, humanity had developed a blink-warp engine capable of faster-than-light travel.  By compressing the geometry of space in front of an object and expanding the space behind it, a ship could cover great distances in a couple seconds.  The first ship constructed, according to long tradition, was named the Enterprise.  By performing short jumps in quick succession, the first humans to leave the solar system traveled from Earth past the heliopause in a matter of minutes.  After nearly a year of travel, they arrived at Tau-Ceti.  With the help of a single-use quantum communicator, Earth heard back from the Enterprise and her crew.  We were not alone in the universe.  Contact with alien life, including the Oprid, followed a decade later.

Centuries later in the year 2401, humanity is still dealing with the implications of interstellar society.  You are members of the 41st Expeditionary Brigade, a unit within the Black Nova Mercenary Group and as members of the Brigade, it is your duty to take contracts from the Ascendancy.  The Ascendancy requests all manner of missions, from planetary defense to exploration and it is your job to make sure those missions are accomplished.

Humanity remains ideologically split on their place in galactic society.  Many want independence from the Oprid.  Others see the dangers of the universe and value the protection of other species at their side.  Tensions shift back and forth over the years.  But the galaxy continues to spin, just as it always has.

Welcome to the 25th Century and a place called the Milky Way.