• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Intrigue & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Hero System 6th Edition.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
2nd Star to the Right
Campaign created Tuesday, August 19, 2014 01:02:37 PM by Kraven Kor

A mix of all things I love in space-based Science Fiction. Space Opera with some nods to "hard" science fiction. Players will be rogues, rebels, or scofflaws surviving in a dystopian future.

Campaign Description
The story of Humankind's conquest of the stars is lost to history, but that of the Terran Star Republic is not. At some point, in the distant past, one of the wormhole gates to Terra was destroyed. This sent the colonies of what is now known as the Spinward Reach into a dark age. without access to Earth's resources and leadership, and without an influx of new colonists, many languished or failed entirely. Most regressed, without the ability to build or repair the technology that made terraforming and the like possible.

Some ninety years ago, that wormhole link was re-built, and the Terran Star Republic swept back in, reclaiming their lost colonies, and more; expanding the JumpGate network farther and farther.

This new Republic, however, has taken a turn for the tyrannical. The struggling worlds of the Spinward Reach, expecting to be rescued and restored to their former greatness, have instead been exploited. The people are drugged and exposed to psychological modification to make them more compliant and docile, massacres of any displaying resistance is commonplace though always covered up. Non-humans, especially, face near slavery conditions or worse.

But, the clever, the careful, and the crafty can still maintain some level of liberty. All it takes is a ship, a crew, and a job.


This is a 6th Edition Star HERO game set in - as I typically do - a campaign setting of my own creation. It will likely be a slow-paced, story and roleplay heavy game, with lots of political content.

The players will be the crew of a small vessel making their way in the universe - the specifics will change a bit based on the backstories and motivations of the submitted characters.

The general idea will be for things to be episodic in nature; short mini-modules with an over-arching plot. The inspiration of the game is more Firefly, Blake's 7, and Babylon 5 than Star Trek or Star Wars. Readers of Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles series will find many similarities, as well.

Character Creation: 300 Points (*subject to change - reviewing :D), 50 Matching Complications plus a mandatory 25-Point complication of "Hunted by the Terran Star Republic." All characters will be outlaws of one sort or another; but not "evil" characters or outright murderers. Political Exiles, scofflaws, opportunists, mercenaries... all should have a streak of good in them, though.

Humans are by and large the most common species, but several others exist and I will share full details as soon as completed. This is, again, a re-hashing of a campaign I ran offline that I think will work better in this format.

Humans can have cybernetic or genetic modifications, and simple telepathy and telekinesis are possible as well. Technology is very advanced; but I will leave specifics more or less up to your imagination, and will work with players to ensure their characters mesh with the setting. ***No Jedi clones, please*** :D

Alien species: I have a few available as player races, or you can make your own. There are also human sub-species that have adapted to their non-Terran worlds over the last few thousand years. Use the Star HERO packages and templates for this, or make up your own. This universe / setting has only a few non-human species and I will only allow 1-2 players to be non-human (1 if we only end up with four players.)

Most of the alien species I have written up are strictly NPC races due to unique physiology / psychology and/or requiring too many points for a PC to buy into. But kind of paint-your-own in the races I don't have fleshed out or even imagined, yet, necessarily :D

I need a few key roles filled:
 * The Captain / Pilot (taken)
 * The Rogue           (taken)
 * The Muscle          (taken)
 * The Techie          (taken)
 * The Telepath        (taken)
Looking for 4-6 players; possibly 1 slot remaining open - reserve list only for now.


The ship will be given to the party for free; nobody needs to pay for it. If the players wish to have input on the design of the ship, we can discuss once basic character concepts are submitted, and will be based somewhat on the direction the players wish to go (tramp freighter, rogue trader, anti-government rebels, etc.)

Ship-to-ship combat will not be the focus of the game; but I do have a system similar to dogfighting rules and "space combat maneuvers" to use for such. Ship-to-ship combat will, thus, be quite simplified.