• This game is under the Sci-Fi genre.
  • The game system is Mongoose Traveller.
Pax Bellum: Genocide War
Earths first taste of life beyond earth was a brutal war which led to the death of over a billion souls. In the  two centuries since that violent introduction to the interstellar neighborhood mankind has been under constant threat of extermination on four occasions.
Each time they have fought viciously to survive, and clawed heir way back from the abyss. The races which are not open to peaceful coexistence have learned that humanity will not die easily, and extracts a heavy price on any force that seeks their destruction.

For over 75 years the Terran Alliance executive has held the line, keeping the core worlds of the alliance relatively secure. the price in lives and resources has been heavy, but for the first time in recent history earth and the core worlds have not faced attack. However in the face of growing aggression from the traditional enemies of the T.A.E and it's allies a troubled peace may soon give way to full scale war.


The Players will start as a small group on the frontiers of Human Occupied space. The Tensions of a brewing war, and the constant threat of Hostile attack by Various powers, and Enemy Supported raiders has made the region unstable, and filled with opportunity, and danger.

Depending on Player input the group will be given a ship for merchant operations, or as a group of troubleshooters, and hired experts assisting local populations with Issues that the armed forces and government agencies can not deal with.

RTJ: Form
Name for character:
Racial Group:
Experience level: ( novice to old veteran)
Personality: just a thumbnail.
 since this is a Traveller based system, a career history is not as easy to create before hand, so that can wait.

Optional Info:
  •   gaming background, experience with Traveller,
  • other games you have played,
  • style of character you like to play
  • story and role play versus conflict combat you like....
  • and how great you think the Referee is...oh wait scratch that
  • Difficulty level of the game you like.

If you wish to build a specific career from scratch using the alternate generation rules let me know and we'll work things out.

NOTICE; this will be a higher power game than a typical starting Traveller group. think of it as an ELITE group with a lot of resources, and a box full of toys, and access to the most advance weapons, equipment and ships. The story, and characters are going to be higher priority than making you scrape for the next payment on your ship.

WARNING: the enemy will have equal access to all the shiny toys, and big nasty guns as well...and they WILL be trying to kill you dead, dead, dead...or worse...you are warned.

feel free to suggest
Potential story lines you would like to play out with an eye to the idea of an ongoing, very brutal war about to explode onto the scene.

Potential plot hooks for your character

Potential scenarios you'd like to play.