• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
RnR: The Great Sphereworld
This is a world slightly different from the norm, for this world is a dyson sphere, an artificial world that surrounds a sun.

There are many races and many varied forms of life. All races have stories of a world where only they were around, before they were brought to this world. No one knows how or why they were brought here, nor by whom.

The races of the world have no idea they live on the inside of a sphere, they know that skies are no longer filled with stars, save for two.

This world has magic but is very scientific about it, at least in some places. The world has physics that include magic but also gravity has been slightly altered to have different poles. The sun of the world burns bright and expands into nebulous gas, dims and goes dark, then it collapses and starts to burn brightly again in a cycle that takes about a month.