• This game is under the Anime genre.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Time Reversible
Background Knowledge:
Humans are made up of two parts. The consciousness that is our soul and the warmth that is our body. At death, the consciousness departs from one's current life and begins the journey to a new life. Through the process, they cross the Nai He Bridge, which extends over the boundary of life and death. Crossing it, the consciousness is judged accordingly to one's karma and is then sentenced into rebirth through the realms. But before rebirth, the journey across the Nai He Bridge to the new left is a time to reflect as the consciousness slowly lets go of one's life behind them. Before rebirth, they will be given the Meng Po soup to drink and thereby one's memory of their past life is obliterated.

Game Intro:
In this game, you will be playing the role of an average 20th century worker who, due to certain circumstances (whether it be getting off from a late night shift, wanting to get to your collage classes early, or trying to get home from a late night party before someone finds out, and so on,) is unlucky enough to get into the 5 a.m. train only to later be taken captive by a group of gang banger. You, along with the few unlucky passengers soon face a tragic death as the sparks caused by the immediate stop from the train caused the whole cart to burst into flames!

Ashes to ashes that is all that is left of you....

Which has lead you to the Nai He Bridge. There you meet Baihe, the bridge keeper who assists you on your way. Something however, whether it be love, money, or a promise from your past causes you to linger on the bridge and prevents you from drinking the Meng Po soup. After a long moment of pleading for a second chance at a life you have lost, the Heavens hears your plead and grants your wish. Assigning Baihe as your guide, you get tossed back into the Sea of Memories. You then awaken only to find yourself in the fantasy world of ancient China! In the Capital of Nanyue.

"But, this isn't home..."

"Correct! Because your original body had been burned to ashes, there is no body left to return to. So, by the heaven's gift, you were sent thousands of years back in time to find the body of your first life." after explaining this much to you, Baihe hands you half of a piece of jade and tells you to go out and search for your 'other half.' "It had seemed the tragedy you've experienced within your past death is linked to the flames that had followed you from your first life. These flames could have been created from passion, greed, or desire. But if you are able to find yourself in this first life and fix this, you may be able to change your fate and be saved from that train wreck!" With that much, Baihe soon left. Leaving just a warning behind, "But being a soul that you are, you are only permitted out at night. Only at night will the world of dreams and fantasy welcome you. No one will ever know if you are human or spirit then."

Now left with only half a piece of jade and no where to go, you begin to wonder around Nanyue....