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I check out a lot of fantasy games and most of the time I find that they don't interest me. At all.

Mostly the usual settings, with knights, wizards, thieves, clerics, goblins, orcs, elves, dwarves, castles, forests, cities, towns, caves, etc. A lot of them are actually detailed, but they still don't catch my attention.

And for the PC group, most GMs allow a lot of types, and encourage highly different ones, mentioning the "not wanting to step on each others' toes" explanation. This results in the usual groups, with arcane caster, divine caster, skill monkey, tank, damage dealer, etc.

And thinking all about this I knew that it's not their or the universe's fault that I find them clinically boring, but somehow me. So I kept thinking to find the reason, and I did:
I've been roleplaying for over 20 years, and I've seen this usual group in this usual setting so many times, that I've become jaded about them. I still need a good story and engaging characters for entertainment, but the hundred-times-seen settings and groups bore me to death. Once again: it characterizes me, not these games or their players.

So, I'd like to find players out there, with whom we can cook up settings and group compositions so unusual that they get my juices flowing.

If you're interested, welcome. If not, you're still welcome.
There is no condition for joining, just ask.
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