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Avant Guard
There were many people that saw the writing on the wall when Nazi Germany declared war on Poland in 1939, but there were far more that had blinders on throughout the war. There were also many industrialists and bankers that thought war was and would be good for business. This game isn't about any of them. This is about those few that saw the long term threat: Nazi Germany taking over everyone's business and destroying the financial empires that they and their ancestors had worked hard to build.

More specifically, it's about 7 of those people that decided to do something about it. They were already contributing resources to the war effort, but they felt there was something else they could do. That 'else' became the Avant Guard--a privately-funded group of Ultras, Para-Humans, Supers, or, in the more popular vernacular, Mystery Men.

Operating from one of the innumerable and mostly uninhabited Greek Islands, the Avant Guard launches strikes against the Nazi war machine in the Balkans, Italy, the Russian front and even Africa.

The timeframe is January 1941. The base of operations will be an uninhabited island off the west coast of Greece known as Skorpios.

This is not a 'crunchy-number' game; there are NOT a lot of complicated rules for dealing with complex super-powers or massive damage.  It's simplified to promote more role-playing rather than rolling buckets of dice. It's also meant to be a street-level type game with a bit of gritty realism. So, no Big Bad Super-Guys allowed! Big Damn Heroes are okay, though.