• This game is under the Sci-Fi & Action/Adventure genres.
  • This game contains mature content.
To Mend Broken Wings
The Ascendant Empire.

A glorious bastion of stength, power and technology. It's capital, the floating city of Paradise, soared among the heavens, watching over the various nations it had brought under its rule. For the citizens of this great city, their continued dominance and prosperity seemed assured. With the advanced Combat Armatures of their military, surely no harm would ever come to them. Under the leadership of the Phoenix King, Jonathan Eld, surely they would forever float among the clouds.

Those below, envious of the power they saw just beyond their reach, thought differently.

Nations plotted together, hiding behind painted smiles and the hubris of their rulers. Decades were spent preparing, waiting, watching. Then, the opportunity came. Paradise descended from its perch among the clouds to collect its Crown Prince and his sister from a visit to a surface nation. Unsuspecting of treachery, the city was struck, its great engines rendered inert and sending it crashing to the earth below. The resulting massacre would be remembered by those who survived it as the day the Phoenix lost its wings.

All hope is not gone, though Paradise has been lost. The Crown Prince and the Princess survived the fall of their home, rescued by a nation still loyal to the Phoenix Throne. Though small, its people rally to defend those they swore to follow, ready to face any who would threaten the royal line.

For someday, they will mend the broken wings of Paradise.