• This game is under the Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Future genres.
  • The game system is Numenera.
Numenera: Meanwhile in Jargolamis
It all began in the city of Trincal, at the edge of the Pytharon Empire where it borders with the failed kingdom of Seshar, at the base of the Black Riage where it meets Matheunis (the Cold Desert). Part of Trincal's defensive outer wall collapsed in the night, and an invisible artifact was stolen from the workshop of the Chief Aeon Priest. As our heroes tried to investigate, they ran afoul of a sinister phase-shifting creature that might be a prime suspect, the Angulan Knights, and a local noble with a whole lot of ants. Now the ones that survived through to the next night are preparing to journey to Jargolamis.

In Jargolamis, the newly arrived constructor Limech is building an open-air skyway to connect the city to its twin, Luigolamis. How would you like to be involved in this construction? Do you work for Limech? Do you deliver supplies? Do you run eateries or other services near the project, for the workers when they're on break? Or are you there to spy on him, or sabotage him, for your own ends?

This is a twice per week game that updates on Wednesdays and Saturday/Sunday. I'm not actively pursuing new players but will duly consider anyone who would like to join.