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Epiphany: The Beautiful Illusion of Free Will
The SS Janus left Earth during the final days of a Mass Extinction Event. A selected sample of humans, cyborgs, and extra-humanoid lifeforms were chosen to survive aboard the Janus, and to continue the legacy of human civilization. It is assumed that all remaining humans on Earth were destroyed. We honor their sacrifice with our continued Existence.

Crew members spend most of their lives in deep cryogenic sleep, awaking only at the whim of an omnipresent A.I. to perform certain required tasks, including routine ship maintenance; encountering new life-forms and planetoid bodies; and resolving various hostile situations that might jeopardize the mission. Although every crew member was carefully selected for their level of expertise and mission compatibility, the mission parameters are varied and require a diverse array of skill sets, from scientists and engineers, to diplomats, artists, philosophers, linguists, military tacticians, and more. Crew are kept in stasis for an indeterminate length of time, and hundreds or even thousands of years may pass between each waking mission.

In between these brief periods of wakefulness, the crew exists within an artificial sleep-state: a shared virtual consciousness called EPIPHANY. Epiphany was developed by psychologists and engineers at the University of Transcendent Consciousness (UTC) as a safeguard to protect the sanity of the crew members, and to provide them with the comforts of Earth and home that they left behind. Like a dreamscape, the rules within Epiphany are shaped by belief, expectation, and powerful emotions such as desire, hope, and fear. Time, place, distance, and Truth are all subjective within Epiphany, but it is often a welcome respite from the harsh reality of the present moment.