• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Action/Adventure genres.
Kept for reference
Skyrim is in a state of civil war.  Ulfric Stormcloak has Shouted High King Torygg to death and has taken advantage of the ensuing chaos to have his Stormcloaks foment rebellion against the Imperials who occupy Skyrim and their Thalmor masters.

Some are taking advantage of the chaos to pursue their own agenda while others just want peace to return to the province and are impartial as to who enforces said peace.  Still others have actively joined the civil war under one banner or another.

To make matters worse, rumours have begun to surface that dragons are returning and are pursuing their own agenda, whatever that may be.

Into all this steps you, adventurer.  You have your own opportunity to explore Skyrim, interact with her people, and influence the future of Skyrim however you choose...