• This game is under the Fantasy & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder.
  • This game contains adult content.
Wrath of the Righteous - Demon's Heresy (Pathfinder)

The Mendevian Crusades, one and all, have been hard-fought and bloody ordeals for both men and demons that fight seemingly endlessly on the borders of the Worldwound. Four crusades have come and passed in the last ninety-one years, yet the forces of Iomedae that fight for the souls of all residents of Golarion continue their vigil over the tainted lands that the Storm King Khorramzadeh has claimed rulership over. Thousands have lost their lives, but their sacrifices have seemingly been worthwhile as to date, the Wardstones, minor artifacts that encircle the Worldwound and repel demons, have continued to stand and the world has not yet come under the ferocious assault of the Abyss.

Heroes gather now for a new crusade, the Fifth of the Mendevian Crusades, and one aimed at taking the fight to the Storm King in the heart of the Worldwound and closing the rift that will end the bloody fighting between the two forces once and for all. You are among the chosen, the righteous, the few. You are a crusader and your mission is death. You will not fear the pawns of the Abyss, you will not falter, and you will not die. You will be the saviors of Golarion and all shall sing praises of your name from The Land of the Linnorm Kings in the north to Sargava in the south. Go forth into the breach and claim glory in the name of the blessed dead and the hopeful living!