• This game is under the Fantasy, Superhuman & Strategy genres.
  • The game system is Home-brewed.
  • This game contains mature content.
Wizardry! 3.0
Six wizards across separate worlds have accumulated enough magical power to rule the universe itself. To achieve this, they have sacrificed almost everything. For immortality, their soul rests within the Foundation Cube, the source of their eldritch power. For preservation of knowledge and strength of will they have sacrificed almost all of the human memories holding them back. For raw power - they must assume - most of their humanity has been cast aside to become something... greater. Not a God, a simple-minded create created from raw power and belief, but something much more dangerous to this universe. A True Wizard.

Petty witchery has always come easily to humanity, but this is something more: within each of these wizards is a sorcery more powerful than anything that has come before. They awaken within their towers of black stone, naked and alone atop their massive Foundation Cube.

Their bodies are now a thing of pure magic, for their true soul rests inside their Foundation Cube. They no longer sustain themselves on the luxuries of life, but instead consume raw magical power. Mana.

Psychically a Wizard is strong, agile, quick witted, precise, and skilled. Mana flows through their very blood, fueling them beyond any mundane means. A Wizard fueled by Mana feels no pain of death, any wound they have can be healed with magic... as long as they have the Mana to do so. For if the a Wizard's body runs out of mana, they being to weaken, wither, and die. But fear not, even should this happen, their Foundation Cube will preserve them, re-birthing a new fresh body. But a Wizardry Soul is hungry... it must feed... it must consume Mana to exist. When it the Mana ends, the Wizard doesn't simple die, he is torn apart and his works undone but his Final Curse unleashed before he is no more. (At this point the player may no longer play a Wizard, and is out of the running for Universal Deliminator).

Mana must be sought, for Mana is power, Mana is life. Many forms of Mana exist in the worlds and planes. All of reality uses, processes, and even creates Mana in small amounts. But this is not enough for the wizard, for it would even take the sacrifice of 1000 souls to simple get a taste of a single usable amount of Mana. More agreeable sources might be from Mana Dust, Wizard Crystals, Moonleaves, or other such tangible objects infused with Mana giving them unique properties. Mortals and petty magicians use these as components in their "spells" or even to create simple magical items. A Wizard may learn to consume even the Mana of the perverse false magics in the world. Perhaps the greatest prize though, is to find a Foci. A Foci is a natural pool of regenerating Mana, usually in small amounts, and never permanently. The urge to seek Mana is as dire to the Wizard as the hunger a man feels for food, and like a man well fed, the more you have the more energy, the more power, the wizard will have to confront his enemies.