• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Pathfinder.
  • This game contains mature content.
Aegis Against Annihilation - A Pathfinder Divine Campaign
Faith serves a purpose. Faith protects the mortal realms from old creatures, born in the primordial darkness before existence. These dark forces want nothing more than to feed on the mortal realms, to annihilate them completely. Despair and hopelessness, strife and pain, these are siren songs to the creatures.

For countless eons, faith has kept the Gates of Oblivion barred against their incursions. From time to time, a world falls to despair and the creatures invade. As a defense, these worlds are closed off to prevent the spread of the infection, and it is up to the inhabitants to prevail or fall on their own. Sometimes the dark forces are defeated and the connections to the rest of existence are reinstated. Other times, they are utterly destroyed and consumed. Yet these are only battles in an endless war.

Our story begins on a world where faith has dwindled. For centuries, the divinities of this world have battled on another, callously using their mortal followers to fight their wars. Outsiders from the the planes have risen to divine heights, milked the mortals for worship, and then carried their battles elsewhere. Mortals on this world have become little more than a commodity for their deities. Even in the face of divinity made real, the vast majority have lost faith.

With the loss of faith and hope, despair rises and the protections have weakened. Soon the Gates of Oblivion will open and a wave of darkness will spread forth and overtake the world, devouring all in its path. As the edges of reality bend and the first scouts slip through the seams in existence, the paths and passages to other worlds have been severed to protect the rest of existence.

All hope is not lost, however. As elder divinities fled to escape destruction, they were forced to leave their divine sparks behind. A few mortals still pray for protection and deliverance. The only hope for this world is that brave mortals take up the mantles left behind and renew the faith of mortal-kind to provide an aegis against the annihilation by forces of darkness.