• This game is under the Ancient, Survival & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Paleomythic.
Paleomythic: The First Adventure
Paleomythic, Stone & Sorcery in the Land of Ancient Mu
by Graham Rose

"Paleomythic is a Stone & Sorcery RPG, a phrase coined to describe a genre in which the adventure concepts of sword and sorcery are applied to a stone age setting. Armed with a bone sword, a flint spear or perhaps a skull topped cudgel, characters face ancient perils in a mythic land. To assist them in their adventures, characters can make use of their remarkable abilities." --Graham Rose

Roleplay as cavemen or cavewomen who struggle to survive in a brutal wilderness filled with unpredictable weather and deadly mega-fauna. Do not, however, make the mistake of underestimating these adventurers. These early humans are hardened by their world into resourceful and skilled masters of their world capable of impressive feats of strength and agility.

Themes: Adventure, Exploration, Supernatural, and Survival (in that order)
Tone: Swashbuckling Action
Rating: PG-13
Gameplay: We are using the RPG ebook, Paleolythic, which is available for purchase at $1 on RPGNOW and DriveThruRPG:  http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/113038/Paleomythic   The very rules light system involves rolling a single six-sider die to determine the outcome of almost any action. Expect a posting rate of roughly once every two days, but more frequent is acceptable.