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Eye of the Beholder
Eye of the Beholder

The Meeting

Piergeiron, the chief Lord of Waterdeep, has called the party to a meeting and
gives you the following letter:

I have investigated your concerns, my friend, and I am afraid the news
is not good. More than that, it is maddening and frustrating. The signs
of evil are clear, as you know, and growing. Before I left I heard
rumors of assassins in the city, by Tyr, in Waterdeep! I am not sure
what to believe anymore.

I have visited both Amn and Calimshan, these cities have given us trouble in the past. I suspected that our problems now might be their doing, but I find no evidence of it. My informants seem clear on this
point at least. None have even heard of our elusive Xanathar. No, these
traces of evil are not from outside Waterdeep, but from within... or
perhaps below? My magic's did detect the evil, but not its source. All of
our attempts to find its cause have been for naught. The only thing we
have "learned" is that the name Xanathar recurs with grave persistence.
When have we NOT looked, Paladinson my friend? Where is it the City
Watch never patrol? Where would YOU hide from the Watch and the Lords of
Waterdeep without leaving the area of the city? I can only think that we
are overlooking something under our very noses.

I will return to the Council soon, my investigations here are clearly
fruitless. But do not wait for me - hire adventurers as the others have
suggested. They may not have our biases. Perhaps a new outlook will

Your trusted friend,