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Out of the Darkness
There is a village called T'Kah. To find it, one would have to travel far beyond the outermost influences of civilization; seek an unknown and unexplored continent; and reach the heart of a dark and impenetrable jungle. On arriving, the visitor would discover a culture unlike anything seen within the bounds of the known world. Absent from view are the dwarves, elves, halflings, and humans so well known elsewhere. Also missing are the cities, towns, and farms common to the rest of the world. Finally one would note the lack of certain adventuring professions prevalent in the civilized world.

T'Kah's people comprise a collection of bloodlines not found together elsewhere, dwelling with one another in relative harmony as a single people. The land itself is dark and hostile, posing a risk greater than any sort past racial enmity could hope to withstand. Stranger still, they exist in a state of something akin to peace with the natural world around them. Or, at least, they have until recently. Something terrible has begun to haunt the land. Something which makes the darkness of the jungle seem bright as day, which makes one shiver with fear to think of, and which has never been seen by anyone who survived to tell of the experience.

Dark whispers are passed between T'kah's inhabitants, some speaking of doom while others despair in quiet. The Council has taken steps to protect the people, but there is only so much that can be done while the threat remains unknown and unseen. The days approach for a new crop of young adults to venture into the jungle for their Rite of Passage into being fully accepted as members of the tribe. A shadow looms in the hearts of all, for none can yet say what they will find coming Out of the Darkness.

Shifting the introduction into Out-of-Character tones, this is a Pathfinder game with a lengthy list of GM changes to what is allowed and what is not. If you like playing weird races and uncommon classes, you may find yourself at home here. If you are more into human fighters, you're out of luck in this game. If you're looking for character development, roleplaying, and interpersonal relations, we've got what you need. If you prefer extensive dungeon exploration, with back-to-back combats, and like to tweak your character to the max, it is suggested that you look elsewhere.

Importantly, this is a Horror-Adventure game. Expect your character to experience the fear of the unknown or of incomprehensible powers on a regular basis. They may be confident, but everyone is likely to know that confidence is really just a show put on to save face.