• This game is under the Fantasy, Supernatural & Ancient genres.
  • This game contains mature content.
Secrets of the Oldest Ocean
The Isle of Tragedy

Once, Tragodia was a virbant and lovely place, known for its exotic flowers and avian life.    It also became the home of a very devoted sect of the nature goddess, Cybele.    Their rites were practiced free and purely there, without interference from the progress and politics of mainland Aegea. The sect was always ruled by a hereditary high-priestess, whom always passed the mantle to her first born daughter, as soon as that girl reached her sixteenth birthday.    The sect practiced in this way for centuries, mostly keeping to themselves, though from time to time aiding various seekers and supplicants who possessed a pure nature.

In the third century of its existence, the sect's newly anointed high-priestess was Thysia Melaine's daughter.     Thysia was an exceptional young priestess, so the lore says ---  perceptive and wise, adept in the nature magics that the sect practiced.    She seemed a perfect fit to carry forward the traditions, and to reinforce their ties to the goddess.   But, one night a ship from Sparta wrecked upon rocks off the isle's coast, during a bad storm.    There was a single survivor: a youth named Arius.

After being rescued and taken to heal amongst the sect, Arius and Thysia began to become acquainted, and fell in love.    He began to fill her head with ideas --  about the world beyond the isle, and why she was wrong not to be a part of it.   Thysia lost her virginity to him -- which was bad, as by tradition she was bound to remain so, until the ritual where her mother would choose her husband from among the men of the sect.   As turmoil grew amongst the priesthood, someone decided to put an end to this and poisoned Arius.    In immense grief, Thysia swore she'd find out who, and pronounce justice on them.  To do so, she would use a magical crystal -- The Orama --  that enabled one to see the events of the past and the present.

But, she was murdered the same way as her lover, before she could. Thysia's mother Melaine used it then, found the perpetrator, and had him executed.

Melaine attempted to have more children, but conceived only boys. And males were forbidden to rule the sect.  This ended the line of priestesses. A plague began to grip the isle -- one that the sect could not avert with their magics -- perhaps because their goddess was taking revenge for the murder of her high-priestess?   The flowers and the birds perished along with the people.   And far worse, the souls of those who died were not allowed entrance to Hades' underworld, and instead were left to haunt the isle, hungering for life.  Tragodia developed a reputation for being cursed and haunted, and no one again went there willingly.

Until now.