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Hometown Heroes of Harken
The game will use some basic concepts and maps of D&D 4th edition default Nentir Vale 'Points of Light' setting. Where, due to a great disaster in the distant past that brought low a once mighty empire. Civilization exists only in isolated outposts. Small city-states or groups of villages that have banded together for mutual support and protection. Between lies only monster–haunted wilderness dotted with the ruins of a once glorious past and darkened by the ever-present threatening shadow of the unknown. Only the relatively small remaining numbers of 'The Four Fair Folk'. That being the Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Humans who dwell there. Keeping the darkness at bay the best that they can!

On Torvyl, a fantasy world of my own design. The Nentir Vale lies in the northwest region of the northern hemispheric continent of Alaytheon. Which the majority of which, once made up the great Empire of Nerath. That fell into ruin nearly four hundred years before the current time. Due to a mysterious devastating plague that caused the collapse. Back then it mattered not, what ones station was. Be it high or low. Of the Four Fair Folk. Maybe twenty in a hundred among the stout but slow breeding Dwarven Folk did survive. It was around fifteen in a hundred among the Elves, ten in a hundred among the Halflings. An being ravaged the worst were the humans, that may have had as few as five in a hundred of Humankind, surviving it. As the centuries passed the population again begain rise. In recent times it reached about 50% of what it had been before the Great Plague. That is until about ten years before the current time. That was the vast 'Slytheryn* Incursion'. Coming up from the northern warmlands through 'The Neck' of far southern Alaytheon (See the map below.) Causing those of the Four Races that dwelt in those lands to call for what became called 'The Dread Crusade'. After nearly five years of numerous battles. Those dark forces were decimated enough, that their leaders had to admit defeat. An once more retreat south to the Warmlands. The price paid in lives of the valiant fallen was indeed steep. In many places, only one or two in ten, if that. Returned home to tell the tale of the heroic stand they made time and again against their horrid enemies! Such was the case for those from Harken. Of the the 80 or so from there that had gone south with the Nentir Vale Crusading assemblage. That numbered close to 500. 9 returned, a little more then 60 for the whole Vale. Once again a large portion of population of males and some few females, of the last two generation were lost to the world. Again depopulating areas that had been repopulated from the time before.

*The Slytheryn:
are a alien reptilian humamoid master race. Who where grabbed from the far reaches of spaced by forces gathered by the Fallen God, who's name should not be uttered. Who was once of the Sacred Seven, who are now Six. From his place of exile on the far side of the moon. Sensing that he might use their wicked kind as a tool of revenge for his exile. Bring their kind across countless lightyears to have them come from the sky, crashing into the warmlands jungles and swamps. In a massive metal ship like city. (Spaceship). The leaders of their kind are of the Priest/Lord class, which has psionic powers, that among other things, can help them to control vast numbers of the many different types of Foul Folk. Which is the name used for all the evil sentient races that they created eons ago with their somewhat lost arcane cloning science. . Their kind would of conquered the world long ago. Save for their biological aversion to temperatures below 60 degrees. Which causes them to fall into a hibernation like stupor. That can take them hours to days to come out of when they are returned to a higher temperature environment. A small percentage, never do and die. So the closest Slytheryn to Nentir Vale is most likely more then 2,500 miles to the southeast. Or are they? Word, in the last month or so, has reached Vale. Of reports that Slytheryn are using hot springs as command posts. Where Foul Folk has transported comotose Priest/Lords to. To be revived, then psionically control all the Foul Folk faction leaders, within a 25 mile in every direction. Organizing them in a manner that they would never have been able to do, otherwise.

Map of Nentir Vale:

Map of the Continent of Alaytheon:

This game will have you getting back to basics. Start out small in scope. There will be no great world saving quest. Someone likely failed that kind of thing there, long ago. Thus the world is the way it is now. Players will start out selecting from six just coming of age pre-generated PCs. That know each other, from having growing up together in and around the small town of Harken. The Baronial seat of the Barony of Harkenwold: http://s1200.photobucket.com/user/wulfnor/media/Harkenwold_zpsmum9o3xz.jpg.html

Below is my modified Harken map:

Compared with the original Harken Map:

Why pre-generated PCs. Well I've played in far to many games on sites like Tavern-Keeper That took one or even two months for character creation. Only to have had half or more of the players lose interest before the first IC Post is even made. Or before the first combat situation is over with. For some reason it often happens then. But it's the GM who flacks and disappears around that time. Thus I hope to avoid all that. Once Players select there PC's from six pregenerate PCs, First come, first serve. Then the game will get started in IC ASAP. I'm looking for ROLEplayers rather then ROLLplayers. This will be a comparatively low level magical game as far as magical treasure and the like goes. I want players that are interested in creating a interesting and thrilling collaborative story. Rather then making sure their PC is maximized as much as possible and has a magic item to help them get out of every situation.
The rules will be using is a modified version of Dark City Games. 'Legends of the Ancient World': http://www.darkcitygames.com/docs/Legends.pdf It is flexible enough to do what I want to do with it. An it is easy for players to learn the few basic concepts that it takes for them to to be able to pick it up quickly. Especially when using the pre generated PCs. Which is roll 3d6 and have the total be equal or less then the adjusted attribute, either DX or IQ. Whichever the Skill, Spell, etc., that being attempted, is based. Roll higher you fail. Roll really low you exceed exceptionally well. See the sites below. But keep in mind I've made some modifications to the rules. In the areas regarding skills, and Magic. As well as bring in additional rules for Clerical/Divine intervention, in the form of 'Prayers for Petetion of aid' to a Priest or Priestess's deity

Below is one of the Pre-generated PCs, Thorvald 'Shortbeard' Thorgrimson. The second oldest living son of Harken's Dwarven Blacksmith. For him to successful hit a foe with his heavy hammer, he would need to roll his adjusted DX of 10 on 3d6. If he does that, he rolls 2d6 +1 and a additional +1 for his racial advantage with axes, hammers and maces. To see what damage is caused. That total is deducted by the targeted foe's Toughness/Armor/Shield total.

We'll be using the Pyromancer Battle Mat program for combat. In the example below. Thorvald has stopped by the Inn to slack his thirst from working at the forage all day. Striking up a conversation with the Innkeeper as he partakes of his drink. At his point all the NPCs are neutral or better towards the Dwarf. An thus the yellow color around their icon's edge. Once you open the link, put your cursor on the icons and see how you are able to move them around. Of course, playing in the game, you would only move your own PC. Clicking on where says 'Pass Turn' to create a new link with the changes made by you. To cut in paste into your turn message.

In this example one of the Ruffians who are on their fourth round of drinks. Get's fresh with the serving wench. She slaps him. Which he responds by drunkenly grabbing her. The Innkeeper tells the Ruffians to let the serving wench go. But he doesn't. Now the Ruffians have become foes, with their icons changed to having red around there edge. As the Innkeeper moves to get a clear shot with his crossbow that he keeps under the bar. Thorvald moves to come to her aid, readying his heavy hammer that had been hanging from his belt. While one of Ruffians get up from his seat to move in meet the dwarf's attack.

Name:Thorvald 'Shortbeard' Thorgrimson
Race: Dwarf Gender:Male Age:19
Height: 4'6" Weight: 210
Hair Color: Copper Eye Color: Blue


Racial Abilities:
Dwarves fight well with axes, hammers and maces, doing an extra +1 damage
The maximum load for a Dwarf is DOUBLE that for a man of equal strength.
Has Dark Vision and can see for 20 ft in total darkness, up to 50 feet in low light.
Natural Toughness (Armor +1) Movement is -2 due to their shorter stature.

ST:12     Wounds/Taken:12/0
DX:12     AdjDX:11 -1 for wearing Leather Armor,
IQ: 9     AdjIQ: 9
MV: 11-2R AdjMV: 9

Name        Cost AdjAttr Successful rolls needed to gain +1 to skill. Notes
KNIFE        (1)    DX  / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
AX/MACE      (2)    DX  / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / Does +1R damage
JAVELIN      (1)    DX  / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
SHIELD       (1)    DX  / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
BLACKSMITH   (2)    IQ  / / / / / / / / / /
RECOG. VALUE (1)    IQ  / / / / / / / / / /
LITERACY (1)        IQ  N/A

Skills that they are training in. Which they may attempt at a lesser chance of success.
Name     IQ lvl AdjAttr Training Skills Successes
ARMOURER   10     IQ   / / / / / / / / / / / -1 IQ to attempt  Wpns & Ar Smith
THROWN WPNS 7     DX   / / / / / / / / / / / -2 DX to attempt
WARRIOR     9     IQ   / / / / / / / / / / / -3 to IQ to attempt

Weapon      Damage ST  $ Wgt.(lbs) Notes
Dagger*      1 - 1  7 10   .5      1 + 1 in HTH combat.
Heavy Hammer 2 + 1 12 45    4      R +1 to Damage
Javelin*x2   1 + 1  9 40    3      1.5YD, jabbed at -1 Damage. +1 due to ST

Type:       Protection $ Wgt.(lbs) DX Pen. MV Pen. Notes
Armor: Leather   2    80  7          1        0
Shield: Spiked   1    40  5          0        0  1-1 Damage 2nd Attack Dx-3
Other: R Tghness 1   N/A N/A         0        0
Total:           4  W&A   $215 18.5  1        0

Equipment ITEM           $ Wgt.(lbs) Notes
Backpack, holds 80 lbs. 40    2      @= Item is carried in or attached to.
Bedroll@                20    2
Flint & Steel            5     .2    Carried in Belt P. w/ Whetstone
Day's Trail Rations x4@ 20    6      Good for 2 weeks
Cooking Basics@         10    3      Sm.Pot, lg. wooden+ spoon, bowl+, mug+
Ale, 1/4 gallon          3    2      Carried in Ale/Wineskin@
Ale/Wineskin 1/4 gallon@ 5     .5    2.5 lbs. when full
Waterskin - 1/2 gallon@  8    1      5 lbs. when full
Hygiene Basics kit@     10    2      Comb, Razor, Soap w.cloth, towel
50 ft.5/8" rope@        15    3      Support 500 lbs.
Folding Grapnel Hook@   25    2      Throw to 1/2 ST in squares holds 500 lbs.
Belt pouch x2           10     .4    Looped on belt, hold up to 3 lbs.
Whetstone                3     .5    Carried in Belt P. w/Flint & Steel
Fishhooks and Line@     10    1      Just needs pole and bait
Folding Shovel@         30    3      Fairly recent Dwarven Invention
Traveling Clothing      35     2     Worn, suitable for a Adventurer or Traveler
Total $p 474 49.1 lbs.

The other 5 pre-generated PCs will be:

Griffo Goodelock, 2nd eldest son of Harken's halfling Lock, Trapsmith and White metal smith (tin and pewter)

Arindel Gladewarder: Elven, journeyman warder (Ranger) of Harkenwold, adopted hu grandson of the human Chief Warder of the Barony. (Think Halt)

Stroud Bullcleaver, a human male, the third oldest son of the town butcher and warrior in training.

Rozlynn Herbwise, human female, newly ordained Priestess of Shalaya, Goddess of the Healing Waters. Who's parents are Harken's apothecary and herbalists.

An lastly Morgan Cartwright, Player's choice, human man or woman, Journeyman Wizard/ess who's father is Harken's wheelwright and cooper.

The PCs are roughly around the same age. An spent four years together going to Harken's Temple School from age 8-12. Each weekday, after doing their morning chores, from noon until 4 in the afternoon. Learning roughly what a 6th grader here knows about their world.