• This game is under the Horror & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains adult content.
The Haunting of Payne Manor
Payne Manor is an old house with a dark history. Built in the mid 18th century in a secluded area in the mountains, its been the subject of wild and disturbing rumors, though its true secrets have been well kept.

Rumors of Payne Manor are easily found by anyone curious enough to do some research, but precious little is considered to be factual. What is known, however, is that up until a few months ago the property was undergoing massive renovations in order to be transformed into a luxury Bed and Breakfast. Construction abruptly ceased when the developer went missing without warning.

Recently and unexpectedly the property has come on the market again. Eager to recoup their losses, the bank is now desperate to sell it off to anyone willing to pay the asking cost. A potential investor with seemingly more money than sense has shown an interest in purchasing it but first insists upon spending a week there with a number of guests, in the hopes of determining once and for all if any of the mysterious stories of hauntings are true.

This is a social game with a horror/occult flavor. It will be run free-form with some GM guidance. Players will take on the role of an individual who has either been hired, invited to (or managed to sneak onto) the property for a week of socializing, paranormal investigating, and exploration.