• This game is under the Superhuman, Intrigue & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition (Revised).
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Who will save us?
The year is 2056 and New York Island has surpassed Tokyo as the largest city in the world.  The city of New York Island has expanded to occupy all of Long Island.  With the expansion of New York Island, many businesses have relocated their headquarters to the city.  New York City began the annexation of Long Island in 2016 and finished all primary expansion construction in 2051, with the completion of the United Nations Towers.

New York Island, the new name for former New York City and Long Island, has put in place 30 foot seawalls to protect against storm surges from hurricanes.  The seawalls built as far as north as interstate 287, cutting across the peninsula; preventing flooding from the north, in case of a strong category hurricane.  When there are terror suspects on the loose or man hunts underway, the seawall gates serve as checkpoints and have been closed on occasion to seal New York Island and prevent high threat fugitives from escaping.  The bridges leading from New York Island, to the mainland, are also equipped with retractable blockades capable of stopping a runaway 18 wheeler.  The subway tunnels also have drop down gates to protect against catastrophic flooding and less visible escape routes for people on the run.  These subterranean gates, when in use, do not interfere with underground transportation on New York Island.

New York Island has also stepped up its drainage system and water removal systems, to handle the worst imaginable case flooding.  Rooftops have been put into use, by the city, for placement of solar panels and wind turbines.  The power from these are set aside, during times of need, to power water pumps, heating/cooling, traffic lights, and emergency services during power outages.  New York Island has a population of 47.5 million people and covering just over 1,704 square miles of city.  A limited access, 3 lane bridge, now connects Liberty Island to New York Island; only licensed shuttles and emergency vehicles are allowed to use the bridge.  The Liberty Bridge, as it's called, also has pedestrian and bicycle lanes on either side.

All subway entrances, commercial buildings, police precincts, power plants, tourist attractions, and airports are equipped with state of the art facial recognition sensors.  All police precincts have rapid response SWAT teams equipped with state of the art, or even experimental gear, for dealing with heavily armored normal threats or even super threats.  An island, the size of Alcatraz, Called Tartaros has been created on the inland side of New York Island for the imprisonment of super criminals.  The military runs the island and has shoot to kill orders for any captives escaping.  Tartaros is also equipped with anti-aircraft measures, electrified fences, and minefields.  Transport between Tartaros Island and New York Island is by means of boat or air.

New York Island has become Earth's first mega-city.  Even though the headquarters of the FBI, CIA, and other United States government agencies remain in Washington D.C., every agency of the United States government have their largest branches on New York Island.  Even now there is talk, in government circles, of moving the United States capitol and the seat of the government to New York Island.

New York Island has the first joint military base and port.  Housing units from all 4 divisions of the United States military.  Aether base is built on the former location of Montauk.  Rapid response units remain on constant standby in the event of major super hostilities that the police can't handle.  The United States military affairs abroad were put on the back burner as the new threat began spreading in their backyard.  The threat of supervillains.

In the year 2051 a rogue comet, undetected by astrologists, entered our solar system and passed between the moon and the Earth.  The comet was dubbed The Revolutionary Comet, after the world saw what it left in its wake.  Many took this as an ill omen for the completion of New York Island.  The Earth and the moon passed through the comet's debris trail.  Despite the concerns of the Earth's people and its governments, there were no unexpected or strange events... that they were aware of.  North America road point on the globe as Earth passed through the comet's trail.  Before long population of extremely rare supers soon began to grow exponentially.  Soon supervillains were a common problem through North American.  Those very few superheroes were over worked, over taxed, or killed.

Congress passed the "If necessary" law for the police and the military.  The law allows military and police, if the apprehension of a supervillain is unlikely, to use lethal force.  The law, also, applies to supervillains who may be impossible to imprison.  The law allows leeway for the police and military in situations when dealing with supervillains.

Many non-super individuals stepped up to try to fight the supervillains but most were killed in action.  Only the lucky, the paranoid, or the extremely well equipped survived and then they still had to show restraint on who they dared to take on.  The police and the military do their best but are still outclassed at times.  Soon people were left asking one question.

"Who will save us?"