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10:34, 26th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Rifts CS State of Chi Town

Winter, January 105 P.A.The city of New Davenport.(Pop. 230,000)A large industrial city built along side the Pre-Rifts ruin of a mega city from the Golden Age. Near the banks of the great Mississippi river a hundred miles from the Fortress city of Chi-Town. A place were people have come to build a life away from the Burbs. A place that the military has taken interest in for their technological and industrious advancements that can be used to fuel the war machine. The human population has welcomed the "Skull Heads" from Chi-Town. Non humans are exiled to the ruins. Psycics IC coded, and Magic Users eliminated. Powerful Ley Lines run threw the city and ruins. Their nexus points draw the supernatural, and magic users to them. The rifts that open there keep the ruins populated with demons and monsters. That does not stop the scientists and scavengers from exploiting the pre-rifts riches. Nor does it keep out The Black Market.
   Now you've found your self in a city that been rebuilt from ruin. In a militarized state of human supremacists. Demons, monsters, and the supernatural emerge from tears in time and space to stalk human prey. As mankind crawls from the ashes to rebuild it self in a world gone mad. A world he is forced to share with non humans. What adventure awaits you next?