• This game is under the Punk, Action/Adventure & Future genres.
  • The game system is Shadowrun.
Shadowrun in Denver
It’s 2:15AM when the comm rings. The night had been slow, and you’d fallen asleep watching trid. The ring startled you awake, and you launched soychips everywhere when you sat up to look for the phone. Answering it, you spotted a familiar face, with a familiar smile on it. One you knew meant a job.

Your Fixer comes up on the screen. He says “I got a job for you, It’s going down today and it pays 50,000 for the group. Meet me at the corner of 3rd and West, in the “family van.” You have an hour, don’t be late!”

As you, ready to get some fun on an otherwise boring day, you put on your Sunday night/Monday morning best and head out. In the Black Van you are greeted by several others and your normal fixer tells the driver to go. Eduardo code note “Lucian” is another fixer who needs runners in a hurry and as you can tell has deep pockets. We won’t be meeting him tonight but he recorded this for us.

“A Rich contributor has had an item stolen from them and is playing big bucks to get it back by 8 AM this morning. Here is a picture of the prototype vehicle that was stolen, a set of GPS coordinates where is was last transmitting and my number. Call me if anything comes up that might be important. We need the car at the drop off zone by 8 today, in perfect condition, get to it.

This is a shadowrun mission, which has the potential to work out into a full blown campaign. You will be in Denver, you will be fresh runners and really any material is allowed pending my approval.

We will be running 5th edition, first level characters and unless someone REALLY wants to play one, I will NPC a decker for your group. I would be expecting no less than a post a week, and expect up to three posts a week when things dangerous or intense.

Who’s ready to Slot and Run with the big boys?