• This game is under the Fantasy, Survival & Action/Adventure genres.
Ice Age Adventures
There is no greater challenge of survival than to brave the dangers of the prehistoric world locked in a deadly Ice Age.  Oh wait yes there is, trying to survive in a FANTASY world locked in a deadly Ice Age!  What challenges you may ask?  Well there are no metal for weapons or armour, no money to hoard, no writing so no spell books or magic scrolls, no castles or cities to adventure in, no politics beyond tribal laws, no grand earth endangering villains.  One might ask what there is beyond ice, and caves.  Truth is there's a great deal to test the mettle of even the most experienced characters.

In this setting, the greatest enemy may very well be Nature Herself, and every one who isn't your trusted clansman or woman.  As various creatures and peoples become displaced by the ever expanding northern glaciers, conflicts are more frequent and brutal.  It is no easy feat to explore a land still savage and unknown.  Your tribe is the only thing you can trust, and sometimes even they may turn against you, should you break the enigmatic taboos and anger the enigmatic spirits!  Truly only the fittest survive in such harsh and uncaring world.

I am going to second edition D and D, with some modifications and house rules that will hopefully make this even more interesting.  Barbarians are reintroduced as a class, (modified as most classes need to be to fit in this setting) and possibly the Berserker (from the old Viking Campaign Guide).  Rangers definitely come into their own, and basic fighters, often called hunter in this game, are much in demand.  Rogues are less common, but good scouts are always needed, and even bards are can help the tribe survive as keepers of custom and storytellers.  Clerics per se would not exist, but a subclass, Shaman is critical to Ice Age culture.  Druids would be much more primitive, and yes even Mages are around, though often outcasts and greatly feared.  Paladins and other such are sadly not part of this setting; trust me, you won't miss them :)

So, if you feel up to the challenge, come and hunt the Mammoth, the Woolly Rhino, and the Cave Bear.  Dare to deal with the strange and often fearsome Spirits who help and hinder mortal kind.  Will you take command of your tribe, become its greatest champions or end up outcasts, cast adrift in the world to make your own way?  If you dare, the frigid glaciers and lost valleys of the Prehistoric world await.  Even the Ice Age needs heroes.