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Reign of Terror (DnD 3.5)
The kingdom of Darion fell to pieces almost overnight. The king was assassinated, leaving behind no heir. No trace was found of the mysterious assassin and in the following months the realm descended into war, as the nobles each desired to take the crown for themselves. Some of them seemed to exhibit uncharacteristic cruelty, others have turned to dark powers to gain an advantage in war.

The war raged on for many months, during which the weakest were conquered by the strong and the land suffered. By now, the conflict has died down, although the kingdom has been split between the victors and it's only a matter of time before they decide they aren't satisfied with what they won anymore.

Worse yet, the weakened realm became a target for it's ancient enemies. Orcs, goblins and other dark creatures grow bolder each day, spreading terror and stealing what little the war still left. The Church of Pelor and Order of Heironeous suffered greatly in the war, while the Church of Hextor rises to prominence. As their patron god has been empowered by the strife, so too were his followers. They are offering protection to the common folk in exchange for their unquestioning servitude and worship of Hextor and establish order where there is none. And so the weak and helpless seek help from those who would enslave them. Their numbers grow each day, as more and more people abandon the teachings of Pelor and either seek protection from Hextor's followers or join them in fear of their might.

You are part of a caravan heading to Selenrad, a large port city to the north untoched by war. It's ruler, Duke Ulric, remained largely uninvolved in the war. Among you are many refugees fleeing there in search of safety and in hope of starting a new life. The duke has promised the refugees food, shelter and protection, but whether his offer is genuine remains to be seen.