• This game is under the Fantasy, Strategy & Anime genres.
  • The game system is Fire Emblem.
  • This game contains mature content.
The Flames of Discord
The story takes place in the continent of Atlinus, a varied land with a long history that saw the rise and fall of numerous kingdoms. The dawn of the Age of Machination saw a successful fusion of magic and technology, enabling a number of nations to dramatically prosper and develop things thought to be impossible.

In the 13th year of Fusion tensions between the Triumvirate consisting of Veridia, Alarym and Yotai championed by Queen Nefitar against the rest of the world spiralled out of control into a war for domination. The Scarlet legions of Veridia were the first to invade with their vast armies striking swiftly into surrounding borders. Whether they unite the continent under one Empire or be swept aside by valiant heroes is yet to be seen..