• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Horror & Future genres.
  • The game system is Dark Heresy 2E.
  • This game contains mature content.
DH 2e - Cromia
Cromia - former Hive World, subsector Rubicon. The world sits along the trailing edge of the Askellon Sector. Its past casts clouds as disturbing as the Pandaemonium itself.

Throughout its history, Cromia was the home of over a trillion souls. It sat as an important waypoint between Factory and Forge worlds of Ferrom and Rhodin IV, and the Imperial Navy Port of Lokhart. It was also a stopping off point between the former planets and the busy epicenter of the Askellon Sector.

That is, until the quarantine...

In the late 40th millennium, Inquisitor Durhan Berrocal of the Ordos Xenos went to Cromia to personally begin an investigation into the vast and illicit xenos artifact trade that had long served as the primary - but unofficial - source of wealth for the planet Cromia. Cromia is known to have been the home world of an ancient and unknown xenos race that had vanished long before man had come to claim the planet. Across Cromia's surface, ancient artifacts of that xenos race lay buried, waiting for heretics to claim them.

Exactly what Durhan's investigation uncovered remains unknown to this day, along with the exact fate of the Inquisitor. The only message that would ever be heard from Durhan came some months after his arrival on Cromia. An Astra Telepathica message sent to the Imperial Navy instructing them to immediately form a blockade around the entire system. All ships attempting to leave the planet were to be destroyed without warning.

No one in the Imperium ever heard from Durhan again.

But, perhaps the only thing stranger than Cromia's sudden quarantine, was the lifting of the quarantine just over a century ago. Few planets have ever had their quarantines lifted. The exact nature of the communications from Cromia that resulted in the quarantine being lifted have been lost - or purposely destroyed. What is known is that the first Imperial Guard units to investigate the planet and determine if it was safe for the quarantine to be lifted found no danger to the Imperium abroad.

What they did find is the stuff of nightmares. Almost the entire population of Cromia had been wiped out by a terrible plague. Only a single Hive city remains, the home of just a few million survivors.

The plague was so devastating, most of the planet remains covered in cities of death, littered with untold billions of decaying corpses, far more death than the Askellon sector can afford to clean up. The bodies, many tested for any potential disease or danger to the wider population, sit rotting away but otherwise no danger to any who might venture into the abandoned Hives of Cromia.

The people of Cromia have become mostly self sufficient. Neighboring streets and railways between the Hive cities cleared away to make room for crops and cattle. The lowest levels of the Hive converted to factories to provide the goods needed for survival.

But it appears old habits die hard, and the Ordos Xenos has concerns that the illicit trade of artifacts may have resumed on Cromia.