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Vignettes - Bite Sized Gaming
plural noun: vignettes
a brief evocative description, account, or episode.

Welcome to Vignettes - a rules-light playground for short "one-shot" scenes and adventures for 1 to 3 players per team.

YOU pick the STORY, YOU pick the GENRE, YOU pick the PLAYERS. Solo, Doubles, or Threesomes are preferred, but I'm not totally against a slightly larger party. Why? Because of game speed. The more players you add to a vignette, the longer it is going to take to finish.


Its just for short, quick self-contained stories where the player gets to decide what the story will be about (in general terms), and the Story Guide, yours truly, acts as the NPCs and handles any rules issues and details out the exact nature of the plot points.

Multiple Genres, Settings, and Styles
The vignettes, they stand alone, in their own little "cosmoverse", so they can really be anything. You can move your characters from vignette to vignette, or you can make up new ones each time.

  • Adventure - swashbuckling in the age of sail? Well shiver me timbers, arrrg!
  • Sci-fi - blasters and ancient hokey light swords? If it's good enough for Lucas...
  • Horror - intrepid fragile human investigators facing unspeakable extra-planar threats? Yellow Sign says yes!
  • Romance - teenage dreams at the School for Gifted Mutants? The Angst!
  • Fantasy - other worldly adventures in lands populated by monsters and magicians? Most marvelously!
  • Choice F) - All of the Above!

Anything is possible, if we can come to an agreement on what you're looking for. The main thing is to keep the desired concept SHORT and SIMPLE, so that it can be completed before we're all grey old men (oops, too late for me). Well before we're six feet under, anyway.

Multiple Teams / Groups
This game is for multiple groups of player(s) who may be doing their own thing. So there will be other players in the game, which you can interact with in the group 0 general threads, but which will not see your particular Vignette until it is over and we make it visible for everyone to enjoy in an edited story-form. You can recruit 1 or 2 other players from the general threads into your vignette if you are looking for company, or you can just do the game solo, if that's your thing.

Rules Light
As a GM, I am fluent in D20-based systems, and prefer them. I also happen to think they work pretty well for play-by-post. Having said that, I'm also a fan of the rules not getting in the way of the story. The lighter the better as far as during play goes. I like a character generation system with a decent number of options, but once the story starts, I like the system "crunch" to stay in the background like a unix daemon.

What's great about the Green Ronin True-20 rules is they are rules-light, they have rules for automatic successes without the need for rolling in many situations, which is good for P-by-P, they are flexible enough to fit nearly any setting or genre, and there is a free book for the basics. So, 4 wins, right out of the box.

However, if you want to use a different D20-based system for your specific "vignette", and any other joining players agree to it, then as long as I have or can easily acquire a copy, I probably will have no problem with it. Keep in mind, simple is better, since these things are designed to run less than 6-9 months or so per "vignette".

Other rules I would possibly consider using depending on the setting / genre:
D&D 3.5E
D&D 5E
d20 Modern
Radiance (d20 in a techno-fantasy post-steam-punk setting)
Call of Cthulhu d20 (FFG's)
Deadlands D20 (conversion of the wild weird west setting)
Spycraft (d20-modern on steroids)
Darwin's World (d20 post-apocalyptic)
World of Darkness D20 (Monte Cook's stab at converting the vampire/werewolf/etc. to d20)
Some kind of mix of these.
Something else. I have other rules-lite systems and older systems.