• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains adult content.
From the Ashes

A war for peace and unity. Well they’ve got their peace now, in the grave, and the only unity they managed was everyone standing against them. Good riddance...”

There once was a great country, a place of racial unity and technological advancement. It was militant in nature, but its armies were used to protect the weak, ward off evil, and contain the destructive flames of war. One day though, this country thought to spread its greatness to the rest of the struggling, unfair world. Or perhaps its great power had finally corrupted its mind. Either way, a war of unprovoked conquest began.

One by one lands were overtaken, none able to stand against the great country alone. Together though, there was a chance. Slowly lands unified against the greater enemy and the tide of war shifted, men dying all the while. After decades the alliance had finally assured victory, but by then it was filled with vengeful rage. The once great and honorable country was wiped out entirely, its armies executed, its citizens murdered, and its lands looted for all their worth.

The war had taken its toll though, and healing for those that remained would take time. But some wounds would fester instead of scar, and turmoil in all forms would trouble the lands. A once hated enemy would lead a righteous rebellion, and a beloved war hero would become a criminal. Convicted gladiators would escape en masse, a weaponized plague would break out, and a great alchemist’s work would fall into the wrong hands.

The flames of war have died down, and now it is time to see what will rise from the ashes.