• This game is under the Sci-Fi genre.
The Sprawl
My job as the MC:

* Make The Sprawl dirty, high-tech, and excessive
* Fill the character's lives with action, intrigue, and complication
* Entangle the characters in The Sprawl
* Play to find out what happens

Your job as the players is simply to live in this world and act as you would. The Sprawl is a system with broad moves to fit any occasion - but you don't need to know them ahead of time. This game is here to facilitate, not to limit. As long as you play with respect to the fiction, you can do anything you want. If what you want to do calls for a roll, you roll. If it doesn't, you just do it.

If you do have to roll, make sure you describe what you're actually doing. If there's no reasonable way for your character to do a thing you want to roll for, find a different way. If you roll assess, don't just tell me you rolled assess. Tell me what you did. Did you stake it out? Did you use your cyber-eyes to scan it? Did you sneak in the night before to study the layout?

That's about the whole of it. Do what you want, do what makes sense, and do what your characters would do. It's gunna be dirty, it's gunna be violent, and it's gunna be complicated.