• This game is under the Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Apocalyptic genres.
  • The game system is Numenera.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Numenera: In the Shadows of Xan'orak
This will be, for those familiar with it, a Tier 1 Numenera game, with a focus on higher famtasy, less dystopian elements of post-apoc style fiction.

Homebrew changes are minimal, but existent, and called out on the Wiki: http://wiki.rpol.net/?id=67069 -- the biggest being that to facilitate the slower format of play by post, elements of additional XP offering and expenditures have been added.

Post frequency will be slow by comparison to some games -- my online times are somewhat limited to a few hours a night. Thursday Nights and Weekends are where I, the GM, will be most responsive.


OOC Chatter, for the most part, takes place off-site on a private Discord server -- this allows you to get near-instant responses from me for questions, as well as encouraging more playful chatter amongst the team.


Our game so far:

Six strangers, or at least so they thought, received summons from strange, mechanical birds to meet the Baron of Labaryth in Ancuan, along with the local head of the Order of Truth. There, they were brought into the maze-wrapped city, treated like Kings for a day, and given a very attractive offer.

Where once graze land was held, a city had appeared in Ancuan, close to the border with Milave along the Kelen river. A large, ruined city, ancient by appearance, over which hovers a massive, perfect, jade-black pyramid, untouched by time. Newer, untested heroes were being recruited to be the first to explore it. The offer was overly generous: for every minor artifact or bauble sent back to the Baron's men, 3 shins to split. For every day spent in exploration of the city below, 5 shins per member. And whichever team (there are 3 others you know of) finds entrance to the pyramid, another 20 per member.

The group has found they are not fully strangers -- with the exception of Daesa, every other member of the team has discovered a common connection with a single member: Taelan. As well, the Order has confirmed that the reason that they, and the others, were recruited and actually found was due to a query to the Datasphere. References were found to symbols associated with ancient terms for Mother (the city), Father (the party members), and Children (currently an unknown association). This connection came when Dexil accessed the Datasphere remotely, and another voiced asked through him "Are you the fathers?"

En-route to The City in Shadow, the group discovered a mangled trader's cart, and the bodies of the trader, and presumably his wife and child. The wife and child were killed by what appeared to be some sort of bladed weapon and burns, while the man's midsection was carved open. A mistake on Taelan's part burnt the man's body before true investigation could occur, but as the group leave, they do so with a new member, a small, furry passenger of the trader's who seems to have survived the slaughter.

The team eventually reached the city proper, and met with the members of the Baron's army there. Their captain, Kae'leon, indicated to the team that the other three teams were already working, and were each assigned to  their own quadrant of the city. This team would be covering the southeast quadrant, which was completely unmapped at the time of their arrival. Each were given a wristband containing compact tracking beacons that would be placed in an area once it was confirmed to be cleared out. Found errata the team wishes to sell to the Baron (at the rate agreed upon before) were to be left near the beacons.

As the team was finishing up their initial conference with the captain, another ghost from Taelan's past arrived in Tor the Younger, a teacher and adventurer from Taelan's home city. He claimed to have been sent by a Child to the city to find the other Fathers. Having joined the group after some tension, the six then headed into the city proper, took a full rest, before heading into their quadrant of the city to explore.