• This game is under the Supernatural, Superhuman & Intrigue genres.
  • The game system is Theogenesis [Myriad Timeline].
  • This game contains adult content.
Theogenesis: Mirror Tale
What is Truth, but the smoking words of an Heart aflame?

Long ago, the world collapsed under the weight of its own grandiosity; the Gods fought Monsters, and both left their broken bones on the Fields of Yggdrasil.

Three thousand years later, they cannot be told apart, even by the osteoarcheologists of the Valaya.

Bones, though - that is not dead which may eternal lie, and with strange Aeons even death may die. The ghosts of these monsters, these Gods, remain - in the long Aeons, have become confused. These spirits are God and Monster both, and the soil of the Valley Divine is saturated with them . . .

You were born of corrupted earth.

The Gods and Monsters of yore live on through; their souls are your soul, their bodies are your bodies. You are Godbound, and your spirit is primal.

The world is awash in terrors, the ghosts of an ancient past. Though in that time the Gods fell and the world with them, through your work these Geists can be vindicated, and the world given a chance to flourish once again.

And, of course, with enough power, you might one day take up the Sceptre of the Master Divine, and sit upon that throne . . .