• This game is under the Fantasy, Intrigue & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is 7th Sea 2nd Ed.
Legend of the Black Pearl
The Black Pearl isn't a ship (well, there might be one with that name, but that isn't this Legend), it's literally a black pearl the size of your fist. Found in a giant oyster in the Numanari Approach 150 years ago, it's been bought, sold, gifted, stolen, recovered and lost 15 or so times... even scholars who studied the Black Pearl and the stories about it have lost track of how many times.

The last time it vanished from the knowledge of men was 40 years ago, presumably stolen from the Queen of Castille by a jealous lover. Word has gotten around that it has reappeared, found amid a sunken ship's treasure. Further details are unknown, but a million-guilder reward has been offered by each of the Four Kingdoms (Avalon, Montaigne, Vodacce and Castille) for retrieving it for the crown. Both Ussura and the Sarmatian Commonwealth have offered lesser monetary but other rewards, and there is even rumors that the Sidhe have expressed... interest.

This could very well be the tale that launched a thousand ships, as adventurers from all over the world are now looking for it.

Characters will be either a member of the crew of the Southern Wind or members of an Adventuring Group sailing on that ship.