• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Historical genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
RP RELATED TERMS & ABERRATIONS - the following is a quick reference of terms that will be generally used:

OOC - stands for 'out-of-character'. Plotting, planning and chatter among players. OOC is the community side of the game.

IC - stands for 'in-character'. The actual action, events, happenings within the game. IC is the in-story side of the game.

PC - stands for 'player character'. The term is used in this game to distinguish main characters from supporting characters. A single players is likely to play more than one PC.

NPC - stands for 'non-playing character'. The term is used in this game for supporting characters. There are two types of NPCs: 1. Recurring NPCs (characters that are often location centered such as a blacksmith, tavern keeper etc.. 2. General NPCs (characters that are nameless and more or less background population, guards, servants, etc..).

CC - stands for 'canon character(s)'. Canon characters are characters that have been created for the game. They are adoptable and in need of a player due to their role IC. Players may choose to play a canon instead of creating their own original character. CCs have pre-established connections IC, and tend to allow for instant potential for plotlines as outlined in their example bios.

OC - stands for 'original character(s)'. Original characters are characters created by players. Players may choose to create their own characters instead of taking a CC. OCs have no pre-established connections.


Communication -  Communication with fellow players is an important part of role playing. Plotting and planning is a requirement for a writing community. Communicating your goals and desires is the only sure way to make things happen IC. The element of surprise and unexpected twists and turns are inherent to role playing, so there is plenty of room for spontaneity, even with plotting. Likewise, if you are uncomfortable with the direction of IC, please communicate and feel free to PM the GM at any time. We are all on the same team, and everyone has a right to be involved and have a say in plots.

General IC - Play is chronological and follows a timeline. Threads will be time stamped with MM/DD/YY. Only one month is played at a time, usually broken into two sections. Events taking place in the first half of the month are played before the second half becomes open. IC events require characters to take part. For example, festivals, feasts, tourneys, battles etc. have expectations for character/player involvement. There will be plotting and planning for these events as well as typical IC plotting. IC posts must be written in third person, past tense.

Posting Rules - In this game italic is used for thoughts, and color is used for dialogue. Please choose one color for a single character and keep it consistent. Like most games on rpol, this game uses 'Enter' and 'Exit' tags for comings and goings between locations. When characters 'exit/enter' putting a note of where the character is going or coming from is helpful. If players require a certain location not provided, threads can be requested by PMing the GM. Of mention, writing out 'accents' in terms of emulating dialects can often lead to difficulty for readers, please keep this in mind when writing out character dialogue. If players can't understand what your character is saying, it is difficult to RP.

God Modding - Everyone plays their own characters. No controlling characters that you do not play. You may not decide what another character is thinking, feeling or doing. When moving along a scene make certain you ask permission from other players before including the actions and whereabouts of their characters. In the case of unconscious characters, moving or carrying them is not considered god modding. Likewise, if two characters are taking a walk it is not god modding to have them depart one location and enter another. Use common sense in determining the boundaries of control.

IC/OOC Blurring - IC perceptions are part of role playing. Just because Susan thinks Edmund is lying IC does not mean Susan's player believes Edmund's player is a liar OOC. Keep in mind IC/OOC blurring is not healthy and will likely result in drama and hard feelings. Players are not their characters in the flesh. Do not confuse OOC loyalties with IC conflicts. Do not confuse IC behavior with OOC mindsets. Do not use your characters to punish or push agendas. IC/OOC are separate. Showing respect toward fellow players and their characters is expected.

Original & Canon Characters - Both original and canon characters are allowed. Players have absolute control over the life and death of their characters. No character can be killed IC without the consent or choice of their player. In addition, canon characters cannot die without the consent of the GM. Note, before a player kills off their character IC they must PM the GM.

IC Consequences -  Although your character will not be randomly killed, if their behavior warrants it, they can find themselves in tight situations. Realism is expected. Characters are not demigods and cannot walk away from dangerous situations, battles and brawls without a scratch. Please take into consideration the risks involved in situations and deal out injury both physical and mental with respect and care. IC consequences exist and must be approached and dealt with. Failure to realistically approach IC will be met with a reminder from the GM and suggested course of action.

IC Combat & Fighting - A character may throw a punch at any time but the amount of damage inflicted is up to the character on the receiving end. Players control the actions of their characters during a fight or combat. Controlling the actions or damage dealt to opponent characters is god modding. Some fighting and combat situations will require a die roll to determine outcome.

Die Rolling- This game is 'freeform' and primarily writing focused. However, dice will be used occasionally as situation warrants to randomize the odds. Players will always roll for their characters, and no fudging.

Portraits & Face Claims - Required. Face Claims are the names of celebs (actors/actresses/models) you want to use as your character's visual representation. Make certain the FC you choose matches up with the appearance of your character (hair color, eye color, age range, type). If your desired FC is not in rpol's gallery, please submit a picture using the site's 'portrait submission' feature. Until your portrait is accepted, you may use an existing one in the gallery (artwork as a temporary portrait is acceptable). You can also put images under your character description. FCs are first come, first serve. No two characters can share the same FC. If you need help choosing a suitable FC, the GM is more than happy to offer suggestions.

Activity- The minimum posting requirement is once a week. If you are unable to post for a week or more, please leave notice. Not posting for a week or more is assumed as inactivity (unless notice is given ahead of time). The GM reserves the right to move along the story-flow of IC progression and handle the absence of characters accordingly. Real life comes first, so it is understandable if you need a LOA, but again, leave notice! On a related note, if you choose to leave the game at any time informing the GM is a courteous gesture and appreciated.

Rating- This game is rated Adult and meets with compliance of rpol's Adult games policy. If you are unfamiliar with the policy, please take the time to read it. All players within this game have offered a written statement of their age, and have been granted Adult access. The rebuking of that access is not in the hands of the GM. All players must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this game. In addition to rpol's policy for Adult game content, this game has restrictions which fall under House Rules. House Rules are binding and will not be altered to suit player preference. Mature themes should be written tastefully, and approached with respect. Players are responsible for their behavior IC/OOC.

House Rules:

Prohibited: F-bomb. Derogatory mentioning of genitalia. Racial slurs.
(The accurate medieval F-bomb is 'Sard'.)

Prohibited: BDSM. Masturbation. Slash. Pornography.

Prohibited: Depictions of gratuitous gore. Grotesque torture.

Character Approval - The GM reserves the right to deny any character that does not suit the game. The integrity of the setting takes precedence over accepting characters. The GM encourages originality and creativity, but not all character concepts will be suitable to this game. Players may be asked to edit RTJ submissions, before the character can be approved. The GM is happy to work with players in refining their RTJ when/if necessary. Determining if a character is the right fit for the game ensures an enjoyable RP experience.