• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e.
  • This game contains adult content.
Darkest Days Yet to Come
Nearly 600 years ago a vile group of malcontents threatened to conquer and subjugate the entire continent of Authem. Their armies comprised the worst sorts of villains from all races, and even from other realms. Some followed willingly, in awe of their master's might, others had been brought low and forced to follow, lest they suffer a fate worse than death. Each army was lead by one of the five founding members, each capable of leveling cities by themselves. The five left a wake of destruction where every they went burning villages, enslaving new fodder for the army, and pillaging the land for their own gain. Valtar the Rage Bound, The Mad Mage Fren, The Shade, Oathbreaker, and Reinhert the Scourge the fearsome five that even now instill fear into the hearts of man - at least they should have.

Just when all hope had seem lost to the realms of Authem a united front was formed and the remaining lands sent forth brave heroes to combat the seething darkness that blanketed the land. An age old story, the stuff of legends and fairy tales, a bane to all those that are not seen as correct or just. As it is those heroes that are remembered in the hearts of people today, it is the victors that write the books and it is them who enjoys their time in the sun. Since that time the nations have been rebuilt the scorched lands retaken and fields of wheat planted upon them. The villains were struck low and slain in their separate lands the old capital of it all torn down and rebuilt. The kingdom of Yharlhiem now resides where the old capital used to rest.

The new nations have forgotten the tales of old, only the heroes true are remembered and spoke of, the old villains forgotten whispers in the dark corners of people's mind. However, dark things are again stirring, the repressed seek to again bath in the yellow sun. A dark fore again sneaks it way into the hearts of man and the races of Authem. The darkest days are yet to come, and what deeds will you preform under this twilight's light. Will you usher in a new age, will you leave destruction in your wake, or will you be struck down and halted like those exalted ones of old. Only time will tell what deeds history will record.