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Das DnD
The Human Kingdom of Eldrin Is a young, prosperous nation. With the help of Elves and Dwarves, the people of Eldrin successfully rebelled against their Draconic overlords some 200 years ago. The half-elf hero Thane Greycrest and his band of adventurers drove out the tyrannical black dragon, Talath, and her evil hordes. The nation now exists as an oligarchy with 7 elected counts and countesses presiding over the ruling council in the nation’s capital, Eldrin City.
Eldrin now exists in a precariously secured state of peace. To the West are the Elven kingdoms, a steadfast ally of Eldrin since its inception. To the North, Eldrin’s Dwarven allies and the barbarous Wild Lands. To the East, A tenuous trade agreement has been secured by the Council with the fast approaching Human Empire of Vusan. Finally, to the South lies the dessert nation of Cordovia which still exists under Draconic rule. A non-aggression pact has existed between the two nations for centuries but seems poised to be broken at any moment.
In this perilous hour, the aging hero Thane Greycrest has issued a call across the land. A tournament of champions to be held at his keep. With the victor promised fame, admiration, and treasure from Greycrest’s legendary horde, Eldrin’s best and brightest have been assembled.