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Robotech: The Few and the Proud
Hello, and welcome to the Robotech Marine Corps. We're looking for a few good men and women.

This is a game based in the Sentinels time period, early in the war. A friend and I are creating new stats for mecha similar to Battletech systems for damage and MDC, but we are still using the Palladium system. We are using RT: Second Edition (Shadow Chronicles, etc.) for character creation and skills.

For mecha, we are again modifying stats from the Shadow Chronicles to use. Other permissible mecha will be from REF Marines Sourcebook and some limited weapons mecha and equipment from Southern Cross.

The Game will deal with a small team of Recon Marines, so expect a variety of missions, from scouting beachheads to forward fire control. Boarding ships and rescuing downed pilots. It's a rich world so alien PC's will be allowed. So will the enemy be anything from Zentraedi, Masters, Invid and maybe a few surprises.

Contact me if you are interested. We are still recruiting. We welcome novices to lifelong RT players. I have played Robotech RPG since the macross book came out in 1986, when I was in grade 6. I love Robotech and it's one of my favorite fandoms.