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Story Time (Play-Test)
It wasn't long ago that you were just a being in your own dimension, living your own life. then, seemingly out of nowhere it happened. Portals, tears, rifts, wells, gates, whatever you wanted to call it openings across the dimensions were opened and beings hellbent on chaos and destruction spewed forth like blood from an artery. Except, nothing could be done to stop this...bleeding. The beings became known as Demons, and those who stood against the wake of the demons became known as Angels. How fitting. The Angels did all they could to hold the tide of Demons at bay, but were slowly worn down until the last of the dimensions fell. Time was lost. Chaos plagued every dimension. Decay set in. Dimensions began to collapse upon themselves. Those who somehow survived the onslaught fought their way through the dimensional openings and onto the inter-dimensional planes, seeking refuge. It is there they found The Veil, the last known surviving dimension. The Veil is a mix of many worlds, is the place where dimensions that have collapsed are recycled. By whom? None know. All that is known that the Demons are closing in...

Players will play as "Angels", heroes and champions of their dimension, fighting against the onslaught of Demons and struggling to hold up tje beacons of hope and light in this fading dimension. They will have to unlock secrets, find answers, fight hordes of demons, lead survivors to safety, and find a way to restore order to the dimensional planes and universes. Will the Angels prevail? Or will chaos?