• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • This game contains adult content.
Of Dragons and Wolves (a Game of Thrones game)
Eighty years ago the lands of Westeros nearly came to an end as True Winter washed over it, pouring down from beyond the Wall. The white walkers led their army of the undying on a brutal assault of all things living. The first days of the war, the North paid a steep price to hold the line within their lands while the rest of Westeros bickered and squabbled over the throne. It wasn't until Danaerys Targaryen claimed her birthright and sat upon the Iron Throne that all eyes turned to the war pressing down from the North.

The fighting was intense and the losses staggering as the undying army continued to grow as the number of defenders dwindled. It wasn't until Ironborn ships, led by newly crowned Queen of the Iron Islands Yara Greyjoy, circled behind the ever advancing enemy lines to deposit Danaerys and her dragons and Jon Stark with the finest soldiers the North had to spare, that the tides turned.

The mighty dragons cut a swathe through the undying, clearing a trail for Jon Stark and his men to charge the Night King. In the battle that raged, two of the dragons fell to an endless volley of arrows. Two thirds of Jon Stark's forces fell cutting a path to the Night King himself. Finally, in a brutal stroke as all seemed lost, Jon Stark delivered a killing blow to the Night King. Vast numbers of the undying collapsed where they stood. With the numbers now shifting, the war ended swiftly as the combined forces of Westeros hunted down the last of the white walkers, breaking the curse that kept the undying animate and fighting.

In the aftermath, all of Westeros reeled from the losses sustained. Danaerys honored her agreement to Yara Greyjoy to free the Iron Islands from the crown of Westeros. For the sacrifices they made in holding the line against the Night King, and as reward for their independent spirit, she also granted the North free succession from the rest of Westeros. They promptly raised Jon Stark as their king.

In the time since the great war of Winter, all of Westeros set to rebuilding from the ashes of the war. For a time all seemed peaceful as could be. Eventually, though, old tensions and tendencies, hatreds and loyalties, began to rear their heads as things began to seem truly stable again.

Rumors spread that the Iron Islands had discreetly begun to resume their reaving ways, though no proof could be easily found. Dorne once again began to chafe under the Iron Throne, even though they enjoyed more freedom than any other region under the crown, jealous of the complete freedom the North enjoyed. News from across the sea in Essos became progressively more scarce for reasons unknown.

Seeing the growing tensions, the young Targaryen King of Westeros decided something must be done. They sent out invitation to all Houses of Westeros that a festival was to be held at Highgarden. A celebration of the lasting peace between all the peoples of Westeros. There were to be every manor of entertainment. Performers of every kind, night flowers, dances both common and noble, and a tourney with a full range of events.

Though the rumor that the nobles had dubbed it the fest of fools.