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3.5 The Red Hand Of Doom
This is a new DnD 3.5 game starting at 5th level.

The setting of the adventure is the thinly populated frontier known as the Cannath Vale and it's surrounding wilder-lands. The vale stretches almost 250 miles east to west and averages about 70 miles north to south. It is located deep in south eastern Faerun between The Misty Vale and The Forest of Amtar. To it's south is the the North Wall mountain range which separates the vale from Halruaa while the Rathgaunt Hills run along it's northern border with Shaar.

You are all members of the [insert adventuring party name here TBD], an adventuring party that travels the more dangerous roads of Faerun seeking to help those in need and relieve the evil and monstrous of their treasure.

You have recently defeated the Dead Sun Cultists outside Kholtar and rescued the surviving members of the Wards of the Valiant mercenary group from their erstwhile tomb. In addition to claiming the treasure of the Ancient Tomb, the Wards gifted you an old map as thanks for their rescue. Barely legible it references Vraath Keep in the western end of the Cannath Vale and is marked with rumors of the keeps haunted nature and the treasure supposedly still there.

Well stocked and keen for another adventure you have now traveled west along the Dawn Way down the length of the vale. Stopping only briefly in Cannathgate and Rethmar you now approach Drellin's Ferry. Your enthusiasm waning quickly in the summer heat you are all looking forward to a cool drink and soft bed after more than a score of days on the road.