• This game is under the Fantasy, Horror & Survival genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder w/Modifications.
  • This game contains adult content.
Pathfinder: Fraxia the Abandoned Planet
The world of Fraxia was a desolate place.  With most of the world covered by jagged mountain ranges, merciless scorching deserts, and frozen tundra there was little room for farmlands and human settlements.  What little parts of the planet did contain water were mostly swamp.  If the terrain were not enough to make this land bitter for its people, Fraxia was inhabited by ferocious beasts that terrorized the land and sky making death a certainty for anyone audacious enough to try building a home in the open.  Some people lived as nomadic tribes, but most moved underground in the mountains and caves where subterranean springs could be found.  The law of Fraxia was that no one was safe and everyone had to fight to survive.

The human population of Fraxia was ninety percent female, and most cultures treated their male population like royalty.  Magic was scarce to the point that few believed in it's actual existence, and those who did believed it to be evil.  It was told in legend and ancient manuscripts that millennia ago Fraxia was a lush and peaceful world.  Evil wizards waged war against dragons and elves unleashing monstrosities upon the world and ravishing nature.  The result was the world they now lived in.  Supposedly the dragons became extinct, the elves vanished, and the wizards opened portals and disappeared to other worlds.  No one had openly practiced magic since, for it was forbidden.  However, those are just old tales, and no one believes them anymore.  The real Fraxia for most alive today was a harsh and bleak reality.