• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder.
  • This game contains adult content.
The Unseen Academy
The Unseen Academy is the premier school of magic on this continent. It is a massive castle with a deep mysterious lake surrounded by magical woods and a fully wizard community....and it sits invisible right in the shadow of the local muggle kingdoms capital city.

To the locals it's woods are dangerous and spooky, its castle is a haunted ruin even the kings guard avoids.  Hidden beneath these muggle repelling enchantments the school carries on training the much rarer magical community.

The muggles outnumber wizards ten thousand or more to one in the world. Centuries ago after a third dark age where those muggles turned jealously on the magical folk and creatures the Secrecy Pact was established by all human wizards in the world. It took the entire magical world into hiding and there it has stayed just under the muggles noses while they fight one another in seemingly endless cycles of war and peace.

The magical community though is no stranger to it's own wars. The Nameless One, an extremely powerful dark wizard, went on a rampage a couple decades ago. He and his followers waging a war on the World Council of Magic, he sought to become an Immortal Wizard-King and nearly exposed everyone.

Before him Bartholomew the Crazed tried to kill and enslave all muggle kind to allow magicians to rise to rule the world. He too came dangerously close to revealing the magical world.

The current headmistress of the Unseen Academy had been there for both of them, and she is considered by far to most powerful witch in the world...some think too powerful to just want to be a simple school principle, causing leaders everywhere to be nervous.

But none of that matters to the twelve year old's starting their first year of formal training. Up until now they have been schooled at home in how to control their magic and the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

These kids are you... your acceptance letter came today! An exciting new chapter in your life begins!

This is a Harry Potter Knock Off game using Pathfinder Rules. It is set in a medieval era, in an area that is analogous to earths British empire.

There will be four houses, each analogous to the HP ones, and a castle with professors and grounds full of adventure. I will be borrowing from many HP related sources shamelessly and sometimes without bothering to change the names.

There will be several house rules and optional rules in effect to please check the creation thread and so forth for more information on this.

This is not a Sandbox game, I plan to include slice of life and to create side threads but there is an over arching plot that will be going on. Kids in this era are a little more mature than in modern times, there is less opportunity for kids to just be kids so that should cover any problems with adults playing kids.

If you have questions please PM me!