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Welcome to Savage Lands

12:10, 23rd May 2024 (GMT+0)

Savage Lands

In the northern reaches of Veregar, far from the mainland of the Caladonian Kingdoms and Nimmurian Empire, the Herathian peninsula awaits. A once forsaken land is now a forged frontier. Once home to a nation of Orcs, they vanished from the land in centuries past. The remnants of their civilization lie in the untamed wilderness, home only to the shabby Goblins that were left behind as well as the darker denizens that many would just as soon deny exist.

What lies there now are a collection of scattered farms to feed the port city and the clay mining town of Red Run far to its north up the Blood Road. Red Run is an established frontier city, and booming, replete with the chance for adventure and coin. Growth breeds opportunity after all. Opportunity in the form of a simple bounty. The Goblins in the region have decided to make a nuisance of themselves. More so than usual. They turned their rough blades and stinging arrows on travelers and merchants, and got themselves a price on their head. Five gold per.

The bounty is decent enough money, but more than mere coin lie among the trees and rivers of the Western peninsula. The ruins of ancient Orcish civilization can be found here. No doubt treasure, and danger, with it. The barbarians of Herath travel south to raid and pillage. There have even been rumors of a Desolayne cult weaving their plots. That is all beside the callousness and unwelcoming nature of the town itself. Risk and reward abound.

So what has cast your boots upon the Blood Road? Is it the promise of gold or potential for treasure? Punishment or exile from the mainland? Is this the duty placed upon you by Church or King? Or are your kin here? Simple business? Or something grander? Send an RTJ by clicking on the following link and tell me what has set you on your course into the heart of the wood:

Enter the Savage Lands