• This game has been marked for deletion.
Freeblade: Dungeon of Love?
Long ago a dungeon was created by a powerful, but kind hearted, wizard. His reason to give the monster people a home, a safe haven. One far from Humans, and other races, that desired to hunt them or kill them out of spite. For a time he governed the dungeon, and all who entered felt safe in the embrace of the wizard.
Until the day he passed on and gave the dungeon over to his pupil.

Foolish and proud the new master enslaved the dungeon. With the help of seven powerful generals he clutched the dungeon with an iron grip. Gaining more power, killing all those who entered, forcing the monster people to fight and even die for his empty causes. The dungeon had became known as the Labyrinth of Shadows, a 'test' for all the fool hearty adventurers dumb enough to try their hand at reaching the hidden treasures within the dungeon.

Eventually, the Dungeon Lord grew powerful enough and stole some of the powers of the generals that trusted him. Casting them into the depths below they had become forgotten. Yet more prisoners to add to his dungeon, his labyrinth.

Like so many before another group of foolish adventurers had entered the Labyrinth of Shadows, but among them was a mysterious red haired swordsman. The sole survivor, watching as his party had rushed head in to challenge the Dungeon Lord only to perish as he listened to their dying screams as he fell into the darkness of the labyrinth itself.

Captured, the swordman sits within a quiet and lonely cell awaiting a fate he did not desire or care to take.