• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
Star Trek: Lincoln
The year is 2368, and the turmoil of the galaxy is settling. While the Bajorans still resist the occupation of their homeworld by Cardassia, and the Klingons are still within a civil war, intelligence suggests that even these conflicts may soon be brought to an end. A new opportunity for peace throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants lies within our grasp. However, the galaxy is still not safe. The Battle of Wolf 359 has ensured that we will never forget the threat posed by the Borg.

The need for exploration is great once more, and so Starfleet's captains push the boundaries forward as they may. Welcome to the U.S.S. Lincoln, one of those ships dedicated to that purpose, as we reach out to the stars. To go to those places where others haven't been and return to tell the story they haven't heard before.

(By the way, that is something of a paraphrase of a quote from James Cameron.)

I require simply a brief bio that fits within the Star Trek universe. Name, race/species, height, weight, a brief physical description if you wish, rank (if possible, i.e. you're not playing a civilian,) and perhaps a brief biography, in timeline form, or narrative.