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Welcome to All Men Are Brothers - The Prequel

17:56, 18th July 2024 (GMT+0)

All Men Are Brothers - The Prequel

Ihadulca is a being capable existing in multiple dimensions at one time, and she threatens the world of I-Praseru (translation: "Happy Island"). Though the cost was heavy, the inhabitants of I-Paseru were able of temporarily confining Ihadulca in Eretzvaju (translation: "Evil Zone"). But the danger is not over.

Ihadulca must be destroyed before she emerges from Evil Zone! Someone must go into the Evil Zone and face Ihadulca. To do this, I-Praceru called upon mighty warriors from other worlds. These warriors come from all creeds, admirable or abominable, and have many reasons to want to fight Ihadulca. But right now, they are warriors.

Let the battle begin...