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Out of The Blue, Into The Black
The year is 2274, humans have made extraordinary progress in technology and robotics. Space travel is commonplace, and several planets in the galaxy have been terraformed and colonized. The U.N. has become the United Earth Coalition, countries from all over agreeing to put aside their past differences to bring mankind to new frontiers. Because of the world-wide collaboration, funding towards the space program, advances in medicine, and military have increased exponentially. Brief insurrections on the other UEC colonies have been dealt with swiftly by the UEC military, utilizing their advanced weaponry to remove insurgents with deadly force.

After a string of disappearing colonies and reports of attack, humanity has made it's first contact with an alien race.

A race that aims to bring ours to extinction.

We are at war. Even with our advanced technologies and military ordnance, we are losing. All of the real soldiers died months ago, all we have is an army of terrified civilians.

You're all that stands in the way of complete genocide.

Looking for 5-6 players for this. We'll be using the Window system, more details are posted on the game page. You'll be playing young men and women from all walks of life that have been brought into the war whether you like it or not.