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The Explorer's Society - CLOSED
The "Explorer's Society" takes place in the 2nd month of the Year 1669, 5 months after the Septimus Massacre - the rising of the people in the Montaigne capital of Charouse, and the brutal repression of the revolt that followed. With the slaughter of many of the Montaigne peasantry both in Charouse as well as in the countryside, the dream of Revolution has been snuffed out and l'Empereur Leon is now the undisputed ruler of the new Empire of Montaigne. Leon's bodyguards, the "Garde de Soleil" have been strengthened and the Musketeers, once protectors of the people, have been disbanded and forced underground.

Despite recent events in the capital, the war still rages between "l'Empire" and Castille. Imperial troops are at the gates of Vatacine City and threatening to claim the last of the Castillian Resistance, should the City fall. Vodacce is already making plans to seize the Prophet's Crown and return it to Numa and return themselves as the rightful owners of Vatacine tradition that they had lost centuries ago.

While this is going on, the Explorer's Society works to keep the flames of scientific inquiry and innovation going, despite the wish of the Inquisition to shutter all learning and prepare the world for the coming of the Fourth Prophet, and the end of the world. With this in mind, the Society is looking for a few good men (and women!) to help them discover new mysteries, help those in peril to find a safe haven to continue their experiments, and advance the cause of Science and discovery across Theah.

Members who join will be members of an Explorer's Society team tasked with the recovery of artefacts, scientific discovery, and learning about the fate of two previous Expeditions that have gone missing in the previous year. Someone or something is putting the Explorer's in harm's way - and it will be up to this Expedition to find out just what exactly is going on ...