• This game is under the Fantasy, Intrigue & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Forgotten Realms, Pathfinder.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Reclaiming the Weave

   Itís been millennia since the Folly of Karsus. Mystryl, the Goddess of Magic; is dead, her immortal soul never having been restored to power in the wake of the Folly of Karsus. The Weave remains broken, and Weave Magic as a whole has all but disappeared over the millennia.
   Shar, having created the Shadow Weave, holds sway over what little Magic remains. The Gods have all but abandoned Faerun, their divine power useless, the pleas of their faithful go unheard. The world has become a darker place, overrun by undead, madmen, fanatics, insane cults, worshipers of the Dark Goddess, and the prolific use of the Shadow Weave.
   Magic, for the most part (especially Weave Magic), is shunned, looked down upon, or outright banned in places where Shar's cults hold no sway (sometimes even in places they do, giving Her worshipers even greater power over others).
   Over the last decade or two, Magic, true Magic, (not the corrupted Magic Shar possesses) has begun to leach its way back into the world. People have begun to whisper of Sharís hold over Faerun slipping, of the Godsí return to the Realms, even of the return of Mystrylís Essence, a mortal born with Mystrylís soul, to restore the Weave and reclaim Mystrylís rightful Power.

   What will YOU do? Restore the Realms? Or spread Shar's might across the land like a plague?

   What this means for PCs
Wild and Dead Magic areas abound. Magic as a whole is more chaotic and unpredictable. Any character capable of casting spells will have the occasional ďodd-thingĒ happen to them (including NPCs and villains).

This, is common knowledge (known by most intelligent peoples).

(As I said in the game synopsis, when Karsus tried to take the Weave from Mystryl, and failed, Mystra cut the Weave essentially killing herself in the process.)

Shar used the vacuum of power to subsume the majority of Faerun, (essentially a "Spanish inquisition" geared towards destroying any who were not allied with Her). She did this by destroying temples and worshipers of any deity who would not ally themselves with Her. (If you do not know, a deity's power in Faerun is directly related to the number of worshipers they have; lots of worshipers = lots of power; no worshipers = no power)

Because She went after the worshipers and temples, not the gods directly, She was able to not only drop the influence and power of any other gods (some to the point of non-existence), but increase Hers as well.

Because the Shadow Weave is a part of Shar, not Mystryl (therefore unaffected by the lack of Mystryl's presence or the Weave) the Shadow Weave has become prevalent, replacing the Weave in its everyday use.

Anyone using Weave magic, as soon as they are found out to have the ability to use Weave magic, is hunted down, and either converted to the usage of the Shadow Weave, or killed. No exceptions (making Weave magic dangerous to use in the presence of anyone you do not trust).