• This game is under the Fantasy, Action/Adventure & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Anima: Beyond Fantasy.
  • This game contains mature content.
A Breath Retaken (Waking Up Again)
It was quiet. Nights were supposed to be quiet though, and so the young farmhand thought nothing of it. He was thinking so little of it, or anything, that he'd actually begun to fall asleep when he heard a distant, muffled scream. The scream sounded distorted too, as though it wasn't entirely human. "Damn birds," he thought aloud, and would've let it go entirely if another identical sound hadn't caught his attention. The animals could hear it too, could sense that something more than just unusual was going on. The sound was coming from the lake.

Lake Libitina was a cool and placid place where no one swam. The lake water was never quite blue, but that was to be expected for a lake that served as the town's graveyard. They tied large stones to the bodies of the dead and cast them down. It was fine since the lake was downriver, and they had been doing so for as long as the town had existed. Tonight, as the farmhand approached the lake where he could have sworn he'd heard screaming, it didn't seem like burying people in a lake was such a good idea. He saw it before he heard it this time. In the moonlight a few bubbles burst from beneath the still surface, emitting a garbled yet unmistakable sound: a woman's scream.

There were no fish in the lake, and no one would have ever thought to swim in it, but the farmhand could think of no other explanation than the two. Surely someone from out of town had mistaken the lake for any other in the pale light of night. A few second later, however, a new scream came from further back, a man's voice. Two people on the same night? What sort of madness was this? But then more bubbles appeared. And more screams. And more and more until the whole lake was bubbling and shrieking at him. Hundreds of voices cried in unison beneath the broiling surface. The minute lasted an eternity, but when it was done the lake was quiet again. It was as though none of it had ever happened. The farmboy's mind, however, would never find silence again...